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Program Type: Art Exhibit

ArtMakers’ Place (AMP) is a healing arts studio for the clients of Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare and is located in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. AMP is a safe and creative environment that inspires participants to heal, connect, share stories, and express themselves through the arts.  The studio offers art therapy, peer support, psychosocial art groups, children’s services, and groups for Spanish speakers, as well as community engagement projects. Visions of Recovery is comprised of artwork made by artists from the peer groups and was created as part of their recovery process.  One group participant shares her experience: “Art takes my mind off my worries, helps me see new options, and helps me build my confidence.  Every time I’m given a new project, I start out thinking ‘I can’t do that,’ but then I give it a try, and I’m always amazed at how it turns out.  I enjoy learning from the other artists in the class, and I hope I also encourage and build up others.”