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Auditorium with adjoining kitchen has moveable panels between auditorium and conference room B. Allows for larger groups. Available to the public. Capacity: 80

Rules: Can be scheduled no more than 6 months in advance. A limit of 3 bookings by one person or group is allowed at a time for any room. Users are required to sign a contract detailing Library policies for use.

Library Branch: 

10 rectangle tables, 20 half-moon shaped tables, 5 white rectangular craft tables, 100 chairs.

Setup: Theater, Round Tables, Classroom, U Shaped, Open Room, Rectangle Tables, Storytime Setup.

Room set up with screen at front and two columns of chairs with a central aisle


Room set up with chairs on one side of tables facing the front of the room


Room set up with tables arranged in u-shape with open area toward front and chairs around outside of tables


Room set up without any chairs or tables

Open Room

Room set up with chairs on both sides of tables

Rectangle Tables

Room set up with several chairs at the front of an open space


Room set up with chairs around round tables

Round Tables

E.g., 06/22/2018