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“People, Pride, and Promise: The Story of the Dockum Sit-In” is a traveling exhibition that commemorates the 60th anniversary of America’s first student-led sit-in and will travel to four Kansas libraries and encourage families, students, and communities throughout the state to explore how early Civil Rights Era lunch counter protests helped to shape and transform the struggle for racial equality in America.

Through visual presentations and hands-on interactives, visitors of “People, Pride, and Promise” will get to know the little-known story of the Dockum Sit-in. The exhibit features a replica lunch counter along with images from a children’s book bearing the same name as the exhibit that is also being published to commemorate this momentous year. A documentary about the Sit-in will be shown on December 4th with a visit from an original participant. Click here to register.

People, Pride, and Promise: The Story of the Dockum sit-in exhibit was Developed by Storytime Village and supported, in part, by Humanities Kansas.