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Current Brain Theories Regarding Decision-Making & Free Will

Studies in the field of brain function represent some of the most exciting research being done today. In this practical presentation, Sharon Poisner will explore the fascinating topics of decision-making and free will.

  • Are we really in charge of our own decision-making?
  • How free is free will?
  • How is it that two people with integrity could have totally different memories of the same event?
  • How can we distinguish Knowledge, Awareness, Consciousness/Sub-consciousness, and Wisdom?
  • What is the significance of context, internal as well as external?

Join us to get insight into how the intricate functioning of our brain affects our behavior.


Sharon Lowenstein Poisner, J.D., Ph.D. is a mediator, mentor and motivator who provides easy and practical suggestions guaranteed to stimulate new thinking and encourage new habits. She provides insight and up-to-date research on pertinent topics on aging with humor and wisdom. Over the last ten years Sharon has offered more than 70 presentations on healthcare and aging in Johnson County Community College’s Continuing Education program and the Jewish Community Center’s senior program.

Next Chapter Kansas City offers opportunities for persons to learn about options for work, service, and learning after leaving their primary careers.  Join us for an informative and enjoyable presentation that focuses on an entrepreneurial venture!

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