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Program Type: Art Exhibit, Nature

Lora Enfield was born in eastern Colorado in 1977, and spent her formative years in Wichita, Kansas. Growing up, Lora always had an eye for color and was fascinated with drawing. After getting married in her early 20’s, moving to Lawrence, KS and starting a family, she abandoned art seriously for over ten years. Towards the end of her marriage in 2010, Lora reconnected with art. As a single mother, she spent time fostering a love of art and nature in her children, going on nature walks and encouraging her daughters to draw and create together with her. To supplement her income while raising a family, she created commissioned works which consisted mostly of pet portraits. Today Lora lives in Olathe, KS with her fiancé and their children. 

Lora prefers to draw objects from nature. She has a fascination and respect of trees and especially pinecones. Lora prefers to work with a limited color pallet as she believes it yields more creative output with brighter colors. She believes anyone can create if they want to, and that you don’t need expensive art supplies to do so. All of the works in the exhibit were created with inexpensive oil pastels, except for one watercolor, and she does create the occasional oil painting. Lora loves observing nature as there is always something new to notice, and unusual colors to capture.