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Program Type: Art Exhibit

Though science is constantly changing our understanding of the universe, one thing is clear: every planet, nebula, and solar system is just as unique as it is beautiful. Each heavenly body comes with its own story of creation and destruction, and this story is often evident in its visual construction. Vast atmospheric and physical differences exist, even between celestial objects that were almost identical at formation. Chaos theory is used to explain how even the smallest changes can have a great impact. 

The wood panels that Lueck paints on possess a distinct and unmistakeable woodgrain pattern, which shows through as a texture to the images. This is done not only as a tribute to our home planet and the life that distinguishes us from those places we have explored so far, but also as an example of the chaos theory at work in a much smaller setting. Just like nebulae, the grain in wood follows certain characteristics - but even the smallest changes in circumstance can create vast differences in shape and appearance.

Though they may seem to be a type of modern still life at first, this collection of paintings is the exact opposite. Each of these images was retrieved through years of progress and anticipation. They reveal untold stories of far away places where stars are born and die, and can likely even show us a glimpse into the past. These stories create captivating imagery which sparks the imagination and awakens a childlike sense of wonder.