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Program Type: Art Exhibit

“The Ghosts of Industry” has been based on an abstract and disjointed narrative with unknown landscapes that appear to be non-descript. The figures in these works are lost to industrial and organic surroundings and are engaged in their own world.
For this collection of work, I searched for images of child workers. They are nameless in the grand scheme of the disjointed nature information has been experienced. They have been immortalized and placed as ghosts into these abstract environments. They are players in a world of consumption involved in their activity. The figures have been excluded from any form of social engagement; however, they engage a social dialogue within the viewer.
My application consists of stenciling (spray paints), expressive mark making with oils, and drawing with varnish. Color is key to the outcome of my work. The colors are used first to entice the viewer in. Finer details are noticed upon looking more closely at the painting. In addition, the play on light becomes more apparent on certain angles of looking at the work.
The play on light as mentioned highlights the innocence of childhood. The viewer should see this aspect for themselves when they look closer at the individual paintings.

I was born and educated in England, UK and later in my life I attended the Ashford School of Art and Design (University of Kent). I gained a BA in Fine art and majored in painting, but I also do small scale installations.
My style has evolved over the years and the biggest influencers on my younger life were the Romantics and the Surrealists. Music and literature play an integral part of my work, along with environments and distant memories. This has evolved into the layered method in my work.
I came to live in Kansas with my husband in 2011 and have since been involved in the Kansas City art scene. I have taught art to the youth at the Alcott Arts Center for the past two years and I have also had various exhibitions with them. It is a great place for the young to go and be artistically expressive. Through the Alcott, I have been able to teach the youth with avid interest on various styles of art and projects, in which at the end of the season the pupils were able to exhibit their work to the public.
I have exhibited around the Crossroads area and I am now also a member of the Kansas City Artists Coalition.
There is further information and art that you can see by visiting my website @