Wild in the City by Catherine Goode

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Art Exhibit

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All Ages

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Catherine Goode is a photographer who loves an adventure. Her photography draws out the inherent dignity of the subject in focus- be it a person or a pigeon! A theme of her work is the necessary coexistence of humanity with nature. Often, this is expressed in majestic images of animals in the shared space of a major city. Hence, the photography exhibit Wild In The City came into being. Catherine Goode is honored to have her photographs exhibited at the Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library and Environmental Learning Center.

A substantial portion of her portfolio is made up of images captured in commute. Butterflies outside a railroad station. Pigeons near a local transit hub. Seagulls in a parking lot. People walk by every day, without taking a look around. People jog by every day, without stopping.  Her photographs are a plea to take the extra time to stop and see our surroundings with new eyes and an open heart. This is how we can uncover the extraordinary. 

With that thought in mind, what animals do you see on your commute? How can we better acknowledge that we share the environment around us with non-human animals? Could it be through photographing or drawing them? Perhaps, a monarch waystation would be a good addition to your personal or community garden? Or maybe setting up a birdhouse or birdfeeder is the approach that works well for you? Remember, there are many options to choose from.