New Drawings: Biology, Geology and Cosmology by Fred Trease

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Fred Trease

My education has been as a biologist and a sociologist. The majority of my career has been spent in the practice of environmental public health. Whether I was making double exposures with a Brownie as a boy, photographing chromosomes and cells in college or documenting environmental conditions professionally, photography has always been a part of my life. Whenever I’ve wanted to understand something, out comes the camera. In 2006 I began exploring the medium as an artistic outlet. For me a photograph is not a static entity, it takes a moment and allows it to be preserved for later contemplation. My images are extracted from daily life and after spending time in my head they eventually become photographs.

My work has been shown in a variety of local, regional and national exhibitions and is to be found in numerous collections in the US.

In past projects I’ve explored urban social portraiture without people, captured an entire year in a single work, discovered what the night looks like in my backyard and investigated the landscape of missing buildings.

This body of work consists of digital drawings that explore ideas from biology, geology and cosmology.

New ways to look at familiar things. Essentially that’s what my work is about. Using the camera and tablet in different ways to shift the paradigm of daily life.


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