Too Much Time on Your Hands by Dori Davison

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Art Exhibit

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All Ages

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Life as we all knew it changed in the beginning of 2020.  The Covid 19 lockdown kept me from doing my regular activities and going to school with my friends.  I was eleven and bored stiff.  Realizing I was going to be spending all my time at home with just my family, I started to look for fun things to do around our house.  I had always been interested in arts and crafts and had over time collected a ton of art supplies as presents that mostly sat unused.  I had been watching painting tutorials on the internet and decided I would try one for myself.  My mom was impressed with how well it turned out for not having ever really painted before and posted the painting on her social media.  I quickly had requests for more paintings of people's pets and favorite animals.  This grew into painting whatever I came across that I found interesting.  I continued through lockdown creating art and trying my hand with various new and fun mediums.  Now that I am back in school, I really enjoy my art classes and still love to create art on my own time as well.  I am now 13 and in the 7th grade and hope to some day become an elementary school art teacher.  I really want to become an art teacher some day because I love little kids and I love art and I had an amazing elementary school art teacher that inspired me and I would like to inspire others like she did me.  

Special Thanks to my inspiration Mrs. Porras


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