In the Course of Wandering by Chris LaValley

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Art Exhibit

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All Ages

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Chris LaValley will be sharing her artwork through the end of June. 




My work has always been inspired by the complexity and beauty of nature.  From the small, minute details of organisms, plant, and animal cells to the large expanses of land and space.  The topography of the land, the open spaces, the small details, the rhythm and pulse of the earth, the rich tones of color, the regeneration of life, and my individual experiences have formed a unique partnership in forming my personal mythology of symbolism and marks.

Creating, for me, is a form of meditation.  When I work, I become completely involved in the experience.  These creative meditations have formed my visual vocabulary.  I work, for the most part, intuitively.  I find my focus is centered on discovering a sense of balance: in mark making, color, and composition. This balance in my working method allows me to share a dialogue with my viewer, allowing them a view, a glimpse into my world.

In this body of work, I am focusing on observing nature and the environments I see around me.  Studying the subtle nuances of color and line, detail, and form.  Some of the work is rendered in watercolors, occasionally with the addition of linear ink elements.  I have found that utilizing watercolor, after years of working in oils, has been liberating. The speed at which I can work back in layering and adding color and value has allowed my first inspiration to stay fresh in my mind. The other pieces are oil & cold wax.  Working with this media has allowed me to return to my love of oils while exploring the addition of cold wax.  This combination allows me to build a rich surface of marks and textures.  The result is never predictable, which I find exciting.  I find the smaller, more intimate scale of these pieces provoking; drawing the viewer closer in to see the subtle details and nuances not visible from a distance.


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